Samsung’s 2018 smart TV plans include a 146 inch model named “The Wall”

Samsung today announced plans for its 2018 smart TV range, headlined by a monstrous 146-inch modular TV, dubbed “The Wall”. Featuring micrometer scale LEDs, bezel-less design, 8K scaling and improved smart features, it serves as a showcase of Samsung’s technology and its vision for the 2018 lineup.

The Wall’s MicroLED technology delivers a high quality image using tiny RGB LEDs that self-illuminate, eliminating the need for a backlight or colour filter. By doing away with a bezel, The Wall’s modular design allows an adaptable custom size and shape for different purposes.

On a consumer level, Samsung’s 2018 smart TVs are designed to be fully featured, but with ease of use as the main focus.

With the SmartThings app, Samsung smart TVs can be easily set up with your home Wi-Fi, favourite apps and your Samsung account. The TV will pull information from your phone, automatically logging you into video apps such as Netflix and Youtube without having to re-enter login details on the TV. The app is not just used to set the TV up; it can also be used to notify you about things such as upcoming shows and switch channels automatically when the show comes on.

All upcoming Samsung smart TVs will integrate with other smart devices, enabling you to control connected devices such as lighting, climate and more directly from the TV. The TV can also control other devices connected to it, meaning you can do away with multiple remotes and simply use the TV’s remote to control your Blu-ray player, for example.

Samsung’s Universal Guide can recommend shows and movies from many sources like VOD and streaming services on one page. Steam Link is also built into the TVs, allowing you to stream games from Steam onto your TV using your home network.

Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant, is also built into the higher end smart TVs, enabling you to search for shows, control other devices, or switch channels with your voice. Bixby also features similar functionality to other voice assistants, allowing you to check the weather or news among other things.

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