Samsung To Open Own App Store

Joining its contemporaries, Samsung is opening its own app store

Hardly surprising, but it’s taken a while, Samsung is claimed to be opening its own online app store for its range of mobile handsets. It wasn’t a matter of wanting to, as more a case of having to due to all its main rivals already having them up and running.

Mobilewhack website states that customers “will be offered a wide variety of services through this new app store. It is believed that the company is experimenting with mobile software businesses by setting a store in the UK. The store will offer full-length movies, exciting applications and most importantly an Application Seller Site portal. This portal will be a platform for developers to offer their Symbian and Windows Mobile applications to customers.”

Like Apple, there will be a team of people who will filter and analyse the software along with suggesting apt prices and target markets. They will also promote applications for download through the app store site.

The Samsung App Store will be launched in Europe in September. There is no news yet when it will be available in Australia.