Apple Rejects Make A Stand

Just when you thought your favourite app had been banned by Apple, along comes Saurik

Had your favourite iPhone app either rejected by Apple, or even worse approved then rejected after you’ve loaded it? It seems a few people have and decided to go on their own anyway.
An unauthorised app store that specialises in iPhone apps that Apple has rejected or the developers know in advance will not pass Apple’s stringent approval tests.

Called Cydia, the store is claiming it had one day when more than 470,000 people were connected, and is run by Jay Freeman who goes by the moniker of Saurik.

Of course in order for users to get the applications they have to hack into the phones to get around Apple’s restrictions, which the company claims is illegal.

Still, until Apple call in the heavy brigade it looks like the store is there to stay. It will be interesting to see how much this eats into Apple’s profits and whether they company decides to try and close the store down.