Samsung Series 9 Notebook With 3rd Gen Intel Processors

  • Fingerprint-resistant surface
  • Fast boot time
  • Reflective-resistant display

Samsung Electronics Australia today unveiled the new Samsung Notebook Series 9 with a 3rd generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor.

Key components such as the LCD panel, keyboard, motherboard, cables, fans and battery have been crafted with absolute precision to fit into the Samsung Notebook Series 9’sthin single shell body.

Samsung’s compact chassis technology, MaxScreen, minimises the bezel size and increases the screen by up to an inch more than previous versions. The Mineral Ash Black colour of the main body has been sand-blasted to achieve a fingerprint resistant surface. The 15-inch is 14.9mm thin design weighing 1.59kg, while the 13-inch model measures 12.9mm and weighs 1.16kg. 

It boots up faster than its predecessor with Samsung’s Fast Solutions. Samsung’s bright HD+ SuperBright Plus screen with reflective resistant display helps to provide a clear vision even outdoors. The new notebook has up to 8GB memory and a 128GB SSD that is no bigger than an Australian twenty cent coin.

They both have a multi-touch clickpad with glass coating and image sensor. Setting up is claimed to be easy, bypassing the Control Panel and helping to optimise performance with Samsung’s Easy Settings. It also unifies manufacturer’s utility software meaning it can start-up and run faster than its Samsung predecessors.

13.3-inch $ 1599
15-inch $1899

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