Samsung Rolls Out New Notebooks

  • Reduced glare
  • Brush metal design
  • Advanced graphics

Samsung’s new notebook range is aimed at gamers and those who like a little style with their portable PC experience.

First is the RF range, which incorporates High Definition (HD) video, vibrant colour resolution and a 16:9 LED backlit display. It features Samsung’s SuperBright screen technology to reduce glaring and mirror effects so users can use their notebook in the sun or shade.

Featuring a brushed metallic spiral design beneath a scratch-resistant surface, the RF notebook has been tested to ensure it withstands the bumps and knocks of everyday use. With advanced graphics and Intel’s i7 quad-core CPU, users won’t have to worry about their PC slowing down when they’re multitasking or relying on fast speeds for gaming or editing videos. These units come equipped with nVIDIA’s latest graphics solution – a GT330M video card with 1GB of memory or a GT420M card with 2GB or memory – that will make games and HD video shine.

Sound quality is enabled by Samsung’s Enhanced Acoustic Chamber System through dual 3-Watt speakers. It also has a Blu-ray drive (available on RF710 only), while a high-resolution Webcam offer bright and sharp images.

Finally there is the Samsung SF notebooks couple stylish, streamlined design with contoured lines and rounded edges in a variety of coloured glossy finishes. The notebook’s durable case has been constructed to be both ultra-light and scratch resistant, for increased mobile convenience.

Powered by Intel Core i3 / i5 dual-core processors, and featuring up to 7.5 hours of battery life, the SF series is claimed to deliver performance as well as power efficiency, helping to keep users connected while on the road. It also features Samsung’s Express Charging Mode, reducing charging times and delivering a full battery in just two to three hours.

All of Samsung’s new notebooks feature Samsung’s Fast Start feature to ensure users spend less time waiting for their computer to start-up and more time doing the activities they want. Samsung Fast Start allows users to work or play within three seconds of pressing the computer’s power button.

Users will also be able to do away with cords and cables with Samsung’s AllShare technology featured on all of these new notebooks. Samsung AllShare lets users wirelessly transfer via DLNA their favourite photos, videos and music from their PC, camera or mobile device to their big screen TV and vice versa.

Samsung’s RF and SF notebooks feature the Sleep & Charge USB function which lets users plug in their external devices via the USB connection to charge without having to turn on the notebook.

SF310-S01AU $1,299
SF510-S01AU $1,299
SF510-S02AU $1,499
RF710-S02AU $1,799
RF510-S03AU $1,999
RF710-S03AU $2,299