Samsung reviews its own products, calls Gear S “awesome”

All companies love to promote their products, but few go as far as reviewing their own. Samsung has done just that, recently posting an "unofficial review" of its latest wearable, the Gear S. Published on its official blog, Samsung, has unsurprisingly given the Gear S a rave review.

Here are a few highlights from Samsung's "unofficial review":

As you can see, the typing on the 2 inch curved display is quite effective.

The Gear S offers several basic stylish clock faces. I don’t know about you guys, but the luxury looking ones are my favorite

Talking about simple and easy, I figured I’d check out the overall UI of the Gear S… and I have to say, the UI of the Gear S is as intuitive as it gets.

Overall, as much as this may sound biased, Gear S is awesome.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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