Samsung Releases Series 9

  • Under 2cm thick
  • Easily readable in the outdoors
  • Fast Start technology powers up notebook quickly

Samsung Electronics Australia announced today that the Samsung Notebook Series 9 is now on sale in Australia.

The Samsung Notebook Series 9 offers a bright, vivid viewing experience, premium outfit, and optimised power and performance. Equipped with a ‘SuperBright Plus’ display (400nit) with 16 million colour reproduction, and encased in Duralumin metal alloy, the Samsung Notebook Series 9 weighs 1.31kg and measures 16.3mm in thickness. 

Duralumin is a lightweight material used in aircrafts, it is twice as strong as aluminium and just as light.  Samsung’s Fast Start instant-on feature allows users to start working within 22 seconds.

A 128GB solid state drive (SSD) provides enough space for users to manage both personal and professional life – and with no moving parts, the Samsung Notebook Series 9 delivers fast booting and is said to be not as noisy as some other laptops.

Additionally, Samsung’s Fast Start technology powers on the device from sleep mode in three seconds, eliminating the long wait time. In this advanced sleep mode, data is also saved on the SSD as well as the internal memory, so content is ready even if power is suddenly lost or the battery removed.

PowerPlus is Samsung’s optimised battery charging technology that extends the battery life cycle in conjunction with the notebook’s power-efficient lithium-polymer battery. This technology enables the Samsung Notebook Series 9 battery to last up to three times longer.

The notebook has the TCO Certified Edge for outstanding achievement in outdoor readability. Its higher luminance better counteracts the ambient light levels typically experienced in bright outdoor environments, making it suitable for outdoor use.