Samsung plonks 8-inch touchscreen on Wi-Fi enabled 16kg washing machine

Samsung's 2016 range of home appliances has started making its way into Australian retailers, and as one might expect, there's more than a bit of tech in the manufacturer's high-end products. A clear winner is the flagship AddWash XL washer dryer combo, a 16kg Wi-Fi enabled front-loading washing machine with an 8-inch touchscreen for navigation.

The AddWash XL's touchscreen replaces the vast majority of the washer's buttons, while Wi-Fi connectivity gives users complete control over the machine from their smartphone. While one will still need to physically load clothes into the AddWash XL, the app could, for example, be used to remotely tell the machine to also dry clothes if it starts raining. The AddWash XL's companion app is available for both iOS and Android.

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