Samsung offers More Galaxy for More

This year for Samsung’s big announcement in New York other commitments kept me at home. But not wanting to miss a major event in the tech world, I rose early and took the dog for a walk; and while doing so watched the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 unpacked live stream on my smart phone. Inside my hoodie, I wore noise cancelling earbuds with the ambient sound turned on…….I was a true multitasker. Good mornings were exchanged with other neighbours as the sun rose over a stunning Sydney morning. It was dogs, DJ Koh and one of the world’s best engineering innovators showing off their latest wares.

As Samsung says, “Do What You Can’t”.

This is what true mobile computing allows you to do. Take your work with you, be more productive, and do it all in a way that suits you better.

This is what Samsung is promising, Galaxy Note 10 will do even better for you.

This time around Samsung is launching three new smartphones in two sizes. The Galaxy Note 10, which will be purchased by most customers, will set you back $1,499. If you want the Galaxy Note 10+ you’ll need larger pockets. Quite literally, it comes with a 6.8 inch quad HD plus screen, depth vision camera and 12GB of RAM. You’ll also need to find another $200, which in my view is a worthwhile investment.

I’ve always felt buying the base model of a smart phone was like not paying for extra inclusions in a car. You are always going to be reminded of what you could have had if you just ponied up the extra cash. In this case the extras Samsung is offering with the Note 10+ are looking like they will be worth the extra money. These days with most Australians keeping their smartphones longer than ever it’s another reason to find the extra money before you purchase.

Samsung spent most of the presentation talking through the key areas of engagement with the device. They looked at how the video capture capability now has shake control built-in. They showed us the new features of the S pen and how it helps you to take photos and videos of yourself more easily than before. You can now create your own videos and edit them on the phone more easily and playing video games will be a better experience as well. Samsung also showed how the S pen character recognition is now so accurate your handwritten notes can be converted to text more easily than ever.

Most of the creative functions of the Note 10 were of little interest to me as a user and to be honest I doubt most customers will be that interested in them either. Unless you are a heavy content creator the key things at the presentation will be nice, but that’s where it’s likely to end. This is always the challenge when showing off a new product. What features do you show in your presentation that communicate the innovation but also justify the value proposition in upgrading to the new device? Regardless of the application interest in the presentation, every time I use the Galaxy Note smartphone it feels like you can pretty much accomplish anything. No doubt the Note 10 with will feel the same. This is the brand that Samsung has worked very hard to create with the Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s a digital companion, it’s much more than a smart phone. It’s the device that says, invest in me and we will do cool stuff together.

Samsung is continuing to support 5G innovation with the Note 10+ 5G. You’ll need $2,000 if you want to purchase this one and with 5G still in very sparse pockets within Australia, you’re definitely be a customer looking to future proof your handset by purchasing this offer! In fact, during the pre-order phase, I would say the 5G model will be the most popular.

The Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ are on sale on 23rd August. Pre-orders with major retailers and telcos begin immediately, and as is the popular trend, pre-ordering will earn you a free set of AKG N700NCM2 wireless headphones.

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