Samsung Invests In Australian Developers

More than 250 Australian developers attended the first ever Samsung bada Developer Days in Sydney and Brisbane to learn about developing on the new bada open platform for smartphones. The days were designed to help Australian developers understand how to develop on bada and the business opportunities available to them by working with the second biggest mobile phone manufacturer both globally and in Australia.

“It was exciting to have the opportunity to meet so many talented Australian developers all interested in creating content and apps for our bada smartphone platform,” said Tyler McGee, Vice President of Telecommunications, Samsung Electronics Australia. “The business opportunities bada provides them with are clear. This is just the start of the support Samsung will be offering Australian developers and we are planning to host more bada Developer Days in other capital cities in the future.”

After gaining insights into bada, attending Australian developers were keen to get involved in the bada Global Developer Challenge. Offering a total prize pool of US$2.7m across a range of different categories, the bada Global Developer Challenge is the biggest app development competition in 2010. For more information, visit http://developer,

Also on show for the very first time in Australia at the bada Developer Days was a demonstration of the potential future of Samsung Apps – dual device applications. The dual device app demonstrated was Hooked; a fishing game where players use the Samsung Wave smartphone as a fishing rod, casting out a line using the accelerometer and then reeling in the virtual fish on a Samsung TV! Once the fish are caught, players can then watch them swimming around in the aquarium on their Samsung TV.