Samsung IconX wire-free headphones now available in Australia

Samsung's Gear IconX wire-free headphones are now available in Australia for an asking price of AUD$279. The IconX is notable as it’s the first pair of truly cord-free wireless earbuds to be launched by a major manufacturer. While traditional Bluetooth earbuds have a cable that joins one bud to another, the IconX is made up of two independent units.

The IconX can be paired with a smartphone for Bluetooth music playback, but it also has 4GB of internal storage and can function as a standalone player. Battery will last for 90 minutes when used as Bluetooth headphones, and around three and a half hours when playing from their internal storage. An included storage case is able to recharge the buds from flat to full twice, and charging begins as soon as the bulbs are placed inside.

While the Gear IconX may look like a pair of headphones, Samsung says it's just as much a fitness tracker as it as an audio device; the buds are able to track steps, distance travelled, heartrate, and calories burnt. Given the shortish battery life, the Gear IconX is probably better for recording individual workouts, rather than providing holistic health information.

The Gear IconX is currently available from Samsung's own stores (brick and mortar, and online) and will be available through other retailers in early August. It is compatible with any Android smartphone with at least 1.5GB of RAM, running KitKat or better.

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