Samsung has made Wi-Fi five times as fast

Samsung has announced its development of 60GHz Wi-Fi technology that is theoretically five times as fast as the maximum wireless speeds currently possible. Using 60Hz wireless, Samsung claim it is possible to reach data transmission speeds of up to 575MB per second, a five-fold increase from 108MB per second, the maximum possible  using 5GHz AC wireless. These speeds would theoretically allow a user to wirelessly transfer a 1GB file from one computer to another in less than three seconds.

In addition, Samsung's 60GHz Wi-Fi allegedly eliminates co-channel interference, regardless of the number of devices connected to the network. As such, each device should be able to operate at its theoretical maximum.

The 60GHz spectrum's extremely short wave-lengths have in the past made commercialisation of the technology difficult: the signal struggles to penetrate walls, making covering a larger area difficult. Samsung however claims it has developed a "wide-coverage beam-forming antenna" to mitigate this.

Samsung plans to use this technology in numerous products, citing applications in the audio-visual, medical, telecommunications and smart home sectors.

Source: Samsung

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