Samsung Claims New Category With Galaxy Note

  • View multiple pages
  • Range of new apps
  • Handwriting recognition software

Samsung says its Galaxy Note fits within its own product category, combining the on-the-go features of a tablet while maintaining smartphone functionality.

It has a 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display – a high-resolution screen that provides an immersive viewing experience. Users will be able to view multiple pages within the screen. In addition, pen-input technology, called the S Pen, is combined with the unit’s touch screen, enabling users to freely capture and create ideas while on-the-go.

Specific to the Galaxy Note, Samsung also introduces ‘S Choice’ – a new category menu under Samsung Apps, with applications designed for the unit’s S Pen. These applications include: Soonr Workplace, OmniSketch, Zen Brush, ComicBook!, and iAnnotate PDF. Soonr Workplace enables team collaboration by allowing direct annotation on the various file formats stored in the Soonr Cloud and iAnnotate PDF provides a direct annotation mode for S Pen over PDF files. OmniSketch and Zen Brush are useful tools for free sketch and drawing. OmniSketch enables users to sketch drawings using the S Pen like  a brush, while Zen Brush provides oriental brush simulation.

The high resolution display helps ensure that PowerPoint presentations, web-pages, news apps and e-books can be viewed with minimal scrolling or zooming. Minimising the need to switch between applications, the unit’s HD Super AMOLED screen allows for split-screen operation in the most frequently used apps.

Samsung has also included S Planner, a planning tool that makes use of the device’s HD screen. The management planner integrates the phone’s To-Do tool and schedule application, allowing drag-and-drop functionality between the two apps; control and navigation is intuitive, helping users to organise their lives.

The Galaxy Note’s advanced pen input functionality is combined with the touch screen to create a different input experience. The S Pen can be used for sketching and artwork, while handwriting recognition helps users to capture ideas and share them with other compatible devices; handwritten text is converted into digital characters.

S Memo is a multimedia application designed to record various forms of user-created content. Pictures, voice recordings, typed text, handwritten notes or drawings can be captured via a single application and converted to a ‘memo’, to be edited, annotated and shared as desired. A one-step screen-capture function also allows users to instantly capture a screen. Captured images can also be freely annotated using the S Pen before being filed or shared.

The S Pen functionality has been deeply integrated into the device’s native applications to provide a rich interactive experience. Users will experience control when editing or personalising captured videos or photographs. Furthermore, users will be able to draw and send handwritten images and notes via text message, email and Samsung’s ChatON communication service.

Broadening the opportunity to create different user experiences, the Galaxy Note S Pen Software Development Kit allows app developers to create new applications and services incorporating the pen functionality.

The 1.4GHz dual-core processor helps ensure a fast and smooth user interface. Good network speeds can be enabled through the HSPA+ enabled device’s connection, helping to ensure a quick browsing experience. Users can stream videos in real-time or engage with their friends through online gaming platforms.

The Navigon app comes pre-installed on the Note. This app allows the Note to be used similar to a turn-by-turn navigation device.

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