RPG IS More Fun With Wii

Maybe you’re an RPG gamer with a Wii? Well game control might just get a little bit more interesting with the recently announced Wii Fit Balance Board

Last week at the now more-subdued Electronic Entertainment Expo, Nintendo announced their Wii Balance Board, a controller that would work with their Wii game console alongside a game called Wii Fit. The combination of the Balance Board and Wii Fit would help to get you fit and losing weight by having fun in a video game.

Well, now everyone’s favourite RPG maker Square Enix — known best for the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games — look to be liking the idea of the Wii Balance Board as a way of making their Role Playing Games more interactive.

Speaking with IGN, Square Enix’s Motomu Toriyama said “There are no actual plans to take Final Fantasy into the fitness genre, but that whole system and mechanism of using your weight and balance to control games is something we’re interested in incorporating into future RPG titles.”

So soon you might have to jump, lean, and move those hips to get your character to strike a blow against the powers of evil.

Square Enix keen on Wii Fit Controller at Kotaku