Review: Transformers: The Game

Transformers The Game isn’t the longest and most complete game around, but it is fun and offers the chance to combine mech fighting and disaster films

If people drove around in cars that could transform into robotic warriors with the flick of a button then the authorities would have a new epidemic on their hands. In the world of Transformers there’s a battle taking place between two robot races, the Autobots and Deceptions, good versus evil.

Now while you’ve probably heard of or seen the new movie, here’s a little bit of trivia for you: there was actually a version released in 1986 and it was set in the year 2005, I guess we didn’t advance far enough between those years, but if anything is for certain Transformers are back and bigger then ever.

Fighting as a robot feels really solid and you can really interact with the environments around you. However fighting within a vehicle such as a car can be quite difficult and simply not as fun as transforming. The act of transforming between a vehicle and robot is performed by simply pressing the Y button. I’ve actually become obsessed with transforming, simply because if its visual appeal.

The right trigger and bumper are both used to attack with your light and heavy weapons, these can be pretty useful. You will probably have more fun without your weapons and the X button which performs the Melee attack will become your new best friend.

You can also pick up objects within the environment by using the B button. I personally like picking up trees and satellite dishes, but I’m sure you will have your favourites.

There are also a lot of environments which are highly interactive. You can pretty much destroy everything, even being able to demolish large buildings that look as if they’re just scenery. The only thing you can’t interact with is the civilians running around, but this is probably because the game is rated M and if you could crush all of the innocent bystanders it might have been MA 15+.

Some missions will ask you to find particular objects within the game and other missions will be simply search and destroy. There are time limits in the game, and you will also have to manage your Life-force Meter.

Transformers The Game isn’t the longest and most complete game around, but it does offer the chance to control a vast array of robots and vehicles which can be enjoyable to have power over, especially considering the environments are interactive. Don’t expect everything from this game, but if you enjoy mech fighting combined with disaster films then you will probably enjoy Transformers.

Developer: Traveller’s Tales
Publisher: Activision
Classification: M
Formats:Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PC
URL: Transformers: The Game

Reviewed by Michael Stark

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