Robots helping out in hospitals

Robots are being introduced into our lives, more and more everyday. Robots have made their debut at a Japanese hospital where an android receptionist and two porters now work alongside their human counterparts.

Aizu Central Hospital in Aizu-Wakamatsu some 200km north of Tokyo introduced the trio on October 28 at a cost of $660,000.

The receptionist robot, produced by Japanese robot maker Tmsuk Co. Ltd., welcomes visitors at the entrance and answers spoken inquiries.

The two porter robots, which can move around on two wheels at a maximum speed of 1.5 kmh, can carry luggage and take visitors and patients to their destinations.

The 1.3m high white-and-green robotic porters can also alert people to obstacles with their sensors.

“By introducing them, we want to show the scene of a future hospital, where robots are getting along with patients and visitors,” hospital official Naoya Narita said, adding that the hospital is considering introducing another robot next year.

Source: SMH

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