Atari sells Melbourne House studio

Atari has sold Melbourne House, the developer best known for producing the PSP and PS2 versions of Test Drive Unlimited, to Brisbane-based Krome Studios.

The acquisition means Krome now has almost 300 in-house staff, and follows on from the formation of Krome Studios Adelaide earlier this year. Melbourne House will now operate under the name of Krome Studios Melbourne.

“It’s an amazing time for us right now and we couldn’t be happier to welcome this new team to the Krome family,” said CEO Robert Walsh

“Acquiring the Melbourne House studio will allow us to continue to expand our company with additional seasoned talent, many who we also are great friends with, to help further grow our business and position ourselves as a world-class development studio working on both current and next generation projects.”

Krome’s forthcoming titles include The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning and Hellboy, which is due out next year. The studio is also said to be working on several current and next-gen games which have yet to be announced.


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