ROAM-e is a drone that can replace your selfie stick

The IoT group today announced preorders for Australia’s first flying selfie device, ROAM-e.

ROAM-e is a coaxial drone; it uses a pair of counter-rotating propellers that naturally stabilise the drone in flight – a similar setup used by many radio-controlled helicopters. It can fly in place up to 25 metres away from its tethered smartphone, or follow its owner at a distance of around 3 metres when using the ‘follow me’ function.

By tethering it to a smartphone, ROAM-e can take pictures with its 5 MP camera. It’s equipped with a single axis gimbal, allowing for panoramic shots.

ROAM-e’s removable batteries last for around 20 minutes and charge in about 2 hours. Livestreaming from ROAM-e is also a possibility. With collapsible blades, it’s portable too.

ROAM-e is expected to ship in June, and starts at a price of AUD$349. More information is available on its website.

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