Revo Glider is now Australia’s only legal hoverboard

At the tail-end of March, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced a national 60-day interim ban on the sale and supply of unsafe self-balancing scooters, more colloquially referred to as hoverboards. The nationwide ban was made following months of various hoverboard recalls, amid fire concerns. These risks typically stemmed from poor charging mechanisms which would cause the device's internal battery to overheat, and subsequently explode.

To date, four Australian house fires have been linked to hoverboard explosions.

However, individuals looking to nab a hoverboard without the risk of burning down their house, destroying their possessions, and potentially harming their loved ones are now in luck: Kaiser Baas' Revo Glider has met all safety certifications specified by the ban.

Harvey Norman has resumed Revo Glider sales, with a disclaimer saying it has been "tested and complies with Australian and International standards".

While Kaiser Baas is happy to be selling the Revo Glider, Managing Director Evan Kourambas says the ACCC's ban doesn't address the real issue of "untraceable" rogue traders who sell "inferior", uncertified products through channels such as ebBay.

"Rogue traders are the weeds in the electronics industry and they are dangerous ones at that," said Kourambas. "Unsurprisingly, all of the self-balancing boards that have caught fire in Australia are notably unbranded units purchased online through unknown sources. Not one has been linked to a legitimate business."

"Currently, there is no industry watch dog to stop people from importing and selling electrical goods direct to the consumers and consumer education is equally as important.  Consumers are price driven and if a product appears to be a carbon copy of a branded product, I can guarantee that the consumer will purchase the cheaper option."

"Purchasing cheap, inferior models through unauthorised websites or retailers is dangerous as you simply do not know what you are getting.  It is important that consumers do their research. The self-balancing boards are only a taste of what’s to come in the electronics lifestyle category."

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