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In this digital age, the world where we are currently living in is almost entirely driven by information. And as such, the people of our generation are increasingly becoming dependent on information, especially those coming from the internet to the point that more and more people are considering the act of going online whether to check the news or do something else a necessity.

Having said this, there is a growing number of individuals who also want to be able to connect to the internet even while they are at home. Last week, we showed the fundamentals on how to setup your own wireless network at home. But what comes after that?

Fortunately, our friends from Netgear were kind enough to send us a slew of Wi-Fi products that will make it easy for anyone to maximise the benefits of their wireless networks and extend its usability to beyond computers, smartphones or tablets.


Unlike other routers, the Netgear D6300 is a combo device that fuses the functionality of a modem and a wireless router in one box. With this networking device, you don’t need a separate router and modem to get yourself connected to the internet. You just need to plug in the right cables to the right port and configure one device and you’re good to go.

And for a modem router, the D6300 is not that bad when it comes to the looks department with its black glossy finish with a slight red tone at the bottom. Even the back and sides of the device sports some textured finish which allows the D6300 to easily match any room’s interiors.

It also features 802.11AC Wi-Fi that provides thrice the speed of the former generation 802.11n standard. At the back of the device you can see a multitude of ports which include two USB 2.0 ports, one ADSL2+ port and five Gigabit Ethernet ports with auto-sensing technology.

Netgear is also providing an app that allows your smart devices to be interconnected using your wireless network. The app is called the “Netgear Genie” and will connect your smartphones, tablets and even Wi-Fi enabled printers to interoperate.


Wi-Fi works based on the principle of signal transmission wherein wireless signals are broadcasted by a device and travels through the air until it reaches the receiving device. In case the wireless signals come across a path with a disturbance or a barrier, there are times that the signals become weak to the point that the receiving device may have difficulty receiving it causing a slow connection or in worse cases, actually losing the connection.

To solve this dilemma, manufacturers of networking devices including Netgear have created WiFi extenders to remedy this problem. Basically, what these devices do is capture WiFi signals and amplify and rebroadcast them in order to give them enough strength to reach their intended devices.

To put things in a clearer perspective, imagine an old school bucket brigade where firemen are passing pails of water up to the fire. The water is the Wi-Fi signals, the fire is the receiving device and the firemen with the pails are the W-Fi extenders.

But going back to the technical part, these Wi-Fi extenders are pretty straight forward and easy to use. Just plug them in and their good to go.


Another cool gadget from Netgear is the Push2TV wireless display adapter. What it does is it allows users to wirelessly display the contents of a smartphone, tablet or laptop on to the TV. The device uses Intel’s WiDi (Wireless Display) technology as well as Miracast in order to mirror the contents of your smart devices’ display.

And for something that makes your phone’s and tablet’s display look larger on TV, the PTV3000 is cramped into a small form factor that is just 3.30 inches long. It’s also quite simple to setup, just plug in the device to your TV using a HDMI cable and that’s it. After which, you can already stream 1080p videos using compatible devices.

So there you have it. If you have any questions about the products discussed below, just leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. For other tech stories, you can subscribe to our site or find us on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Google Plus

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