Review: Logitech G25 racing wheel

To feel that pure racing sensation when playing a driving simulation, it just can’t be done with a feeble keyboard or controller. We check out Logitech’s latest steering wheel creation.

Gamers have searched far and wide for a decent steering wheel and pedal combo since the dawn of time. Many steering wheels have come before us, to be swept aside in plastic rubble, unable to withstand our feverish racing style… until now.

The Logitech G-25 wheel itself is 11-inch in diameter; and will turn a full 900 degrees of rotation. The additional controls include a six-speed gated shifter and clutch pedal. The wheel, shifter and pedals look and feel the business in comparison to other steering wheels we have used previously, emphasising the authenticity.

We recently had a chance to test the G-25 with Atari’s racing powerhouse, V8 Supercars 3 Australia. The force-feedback function was simply far better than the mediocre buzzing you get with most controllers, and the wheel had a real feeling of robustness, you could literally feel the quality, as if you were actually controlling a vehicle instead of using a piece of plastic. The pedal combos and the shifter were also quite responsive, allowing for excellent examples of engine braking before corners.

The only downside we can see… only serious racing fans need apply for this bad boy, the $499 price tag is a deterrent to the casual racer. But if you’re prepared to race like the best, you’ve got to have the best.


  • Easy to setup
  • Extremely responsive, pedals and stick shifter work well together
  • Excellent build quality


  • Price tag

Product: Logitech G25 racing wheel

Vendor: Logitech

RRP: $499

URL: Logitech G25 racing wheel