Review: Saitek GM3200 laser mouse

Announced at E3 2006, Saitek unveiled the fastest laser mouse ever conceived. Will this give gamers that elusive speed and accuracy they’ve always been dreaming of, or just over-kill?

Input devices such as a keyboard or mouse, are one of the most commonly overlooked devices to increase a gamer’s performance. For the most part, just a regular optical mouse will do the job fine but if you’re serious about your gaming, you want to wield a device that reflects your gaming style. The key here is customization, not everyone likes the same button configurations.

Featuring the fastest resolution in a mouse ever with 3200 DPI sensor, the settings are switchable with a 4-stage on-the-fly user selection. But is it really all that noticeable, that extra DPI? We compared the GM3200 to a Logitech G5; and via the human eye’s perception, we couldn’t really see nor feel a noticeable difference in-game.

The GM3200 features Saitek’s ‘SpeedGlide system’ of adjustable weights and Teflon feet area so that mouse be fine-tuned to suit personal preferences. The Teflon strips on the base can even be reversed for an increased surface area, decreasing the drag on mouse movement. The weight system was a little finicky to use though, individual weights could be easily lost, thus leaving you with an unbalanced mouse.

The four buttons on the mouse, including shift to double up on commands, can be programmed using Saitek’s SST software, with mouse settings and controls saved as game-specific profiles, selectable using the Profile button.


  • Fast and responsive
  • Smooth travel across any surface, weights can be added or replaced for personal preference
  • Game specific profiles for button configurations


  • Weight system needs a little work
  • Mouse size, could have been thinner
  • Extra DPI over-kill

Product: Saitek GM3200 laser mouse
Vendor: HES


URL: Saitek GM3200 laser mouse