Real Time ETAs With Switch Range Of Gear

  • Keeps track of multi-functions
  • Measures calories burnt
  • Water-resistant to 50 meters

GPS specialist Magellan has a the new Switch range of devices that include functions such as the Activity Pacer that not only shows you if you are on target, but calculates and instructs what targets you need to achieve to reach your goal.

The Switch range can also calculate and give you the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) in real time for your activity. For instance, if you are going for a run, it will tell you the time you will finish based on you current pace. Furthermore, if you stop for a five minute break midway then resume again, the Switch will add those five minutes to your ETA in real time.

It is said to allow you to jump from one activity to another and keep the data grouped under one workout. This is designed for someone who regularly likes to go for a bike ride, then a run and then hop back on the bike.

Both Switch products also capture information such as calories burnt, distance and pace. The Switch range also features ten pre-set profiles for activities such as running, walking, swimming and cycling, as well as nine profiles that can be customised, a highly sensitive GPS receiver, water resistant to 50 metres resistance, and compatibility with ANT+ heart rate, foot pod and bike sensorsincluding cadences and power meters.

The Switch Up also has additional features for multisport athletes such as a barometric altimeter to give even more accurate elevation information, outside temperature, vibration alerts for when you are training in busy areas and can easily transition from a running device to a cycling one with the multisport mounting kit. 

Using Magellan GPS technology means you can also mark specific locations and then backtrack to your starting point, so you won’t get lost.

Switch $279
Switch with HR monitor $329
Switch Up $349
Switch Up with HR Monitor $399

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