Qualcomm’s concept car is a glimpse into the future

Qualcomm is envisioning a new platform for self-driving cars supported by 5G technology.

The second generation Connected Car Reference Platform is packed with all the bleeding edge tech Qualcomm could get its hands on, and the specs read as though they’re from a Silicon Valley skunkworks: Wifi 6 connectivity, 5G cellular, car-to-infrastructure communication, lane-level accurate GPS, multi-gigabit cloud connectivity and other telematics.

“We believe our new Snapdragon Automotive Platforms will help launch the connected vehicle into the 5G era,” said Nakul Duggal, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Qualcomm. “With these new wireless solutions, we are excited to support our automaker, Tier-1 and roadside infrastructure customers as they develop faster, safer, and differentiated products for the next-generation of the connected car.”

Connected vehicles will be able to share information such as traffic data to suggest alternate routes, upcoming hazards to avoid accidents, and provide drivers with awareness about objects all around the vehicle. It’s easy to see real-world applications, like a warning against passing a slower vehicle due to another in an oncoming lane, or emergency braking from a car further up the road.

Vehicle-to-infrastructure technology would provide drivers with information about their destination, such as adverse weather conditions, congestion, construction zones and parking availability.

Qualcomm’s new vehicle platform is expected to reach a sampling stage at the end of the year, and is planned for production vehicles in 2021.

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