Qualcomm and Powermat want to cut all wires

Some alliances are for convenience, others for Great Leaps Forward. The one between Qualcomm and Powermat may well fall into the latter category, since it involves the development of cutting-edge wireless power solutions.

According to media release, Qualcomm and Powermat intend to investigate the convergence of tightly and loosely coupled wireless power technologies to deliver a flexible coupling wireless power solution; work together to build an industry alliance that supports flexible coupling-based wireless power; investigate the development of dual-mode receiver ASICs that work with Qualcomm’s Wipower technology and that are backward compatible to Powermat’s charging mats; and have Powermat offer a single-mode wireless power solution based on Qualcomm’s WiPower technology that will supplement the current Powermat product line. 

“Together, Powermat and Qualcomm have the opportunity to make a world without wires a reality. Our vision is to change the way in which people charge and power electrical devices in all environments and create an unprecedentedly convenient, safe and green user experience. Collaborating with Qualcomm is the perfect approach to bring the vision to reality,” said Ran Poliakine, Powermat CEO.