PVR With 2TB Hard Drive

  • Over 800 hours of SD storage
  • 350 hours of HD storage
  • $799

Digital Products Group and Beyonwiz has announced the launch of the Beyonwiz DP-P2 Special Edition that comes with a 2TB HDD giving the user 800 hours of recording space in SD and 350 hours in HD.

The P2 was the first to market with a line input allowing users to connect their Pay TV receiver and pause, rewind and record via an AV input, now another first with a 2TB HDD.

"It's crazy to look back and remember that the first PVR that we launched in Australia over 8 years ago was and 80GB model allowing users to record 24 hours of Standard Definition TV shows and now we are launching a 2000GB (2TB) version that will record 800Hrs" says Jai Kemp, General Manager of Digital Products Group. "Free to Air TV now offers so many channels and variety that users need more and more storage."