PS3 to gain VOIP service

Jajah, a VOIP service, has tailored its interface to the PlayStation 3 browser, allowing gamers to place voice calls.

As the PlayStation 3 currently lacks a service that’s comparable to the Microsoft Xbox’s Live service, which allows for voice communication via a USB headset, the Jajah interface at least allows gamers to communicate with one another. PS3 voice chat has been enabled on a game-by-game basis, however.

Intel also confirmed Wednesday that it has invested $15 million into the company via its Intel Capital arm.

Jajah said it had tailored its interface to the PS3 browser. users ned only to surf to the Web site to initiate a call. Users enter the number they wish to call, and the service then calls the phone nearest the user (that number must be pre-configured) and connects the two numbers via a VOIP line.

“Jajah now brings free or cheap calling into the living room and away from computers. Initiating a call with Jajah can now be done while lounging in front of the TV with no need to fire up the computer,” said Roman Scharf, a Jajah co-founder. “This means that the whole family, regardless of interests or technological skills, can make cheap or even free calls from their normal home phone.”

Source: Yahoo! News

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