PS3 Price Is Set To Get Lower

Is the price of the Sony PlayStation 3 stopping you from buying it? Sony might have an answer for you.

The head of Sony, CEO Sir Howard Stringer, has told the Financial Times that Sony is looking at how much they can make of a cut to the PlayStation 3’s price.

While the PlayStation 3 has yet to do as well as what Sony had hoped for, Stringer pointed out that the console is following the same sales path as both the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2.

Stringer is also quick to disagree that the Wii was more fun to play. In the interview, he stressed that no it wasn’t, but that rather that the reason the Wii sold more was that it was cheaper and that neither the Wii nor the PS3 should be considered as consoles that competed directly.

Interview with Sony’s Sir Howard Stringer at the Financial Times