PS3 online details unveiled

Sony has demonstrated the online service for its upcoming PlayStation 3, which will let players compete and chat online and download games, music and movies.

he PlayStation Network, as the service will be called, uses a navigation system already available on Sony’s hand held game player, the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Sony said its service would allow PS3 users to compete and chat with other gamers on the network; download game content like weapons or maps; store and view pictures and video; download and listen to music; browse the web; and shop at the online PlayStation Store.

Via the Xross Media Bar navigation system, online play, chat and other features will be free to users, who will have to pay to download some content.

“One of the more impressive features in the online service is how the PS3 interface connects the user to the store, and how you can access the store within games,” said Billy Pidgeon, IDC gaming analyst. “The layout is similar to Apple iTunes which is good, because it works. Plus, there are a couple of unique video games for under US$15.”

Source: Australian IT

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