Professional Pay Premium For Windows 7

Microsoft has announced the pricing of its new Windows 7 operating system

Windows 7 will hit the store shelves in October, so Microsoft has announced pricing, with professionals having to pay $150 more than Joe Public for the privilege.

Businesses will get more bang for their buck with the operating system, but whether that will be $150’s worth is yet to be seen. What we know will be included (or excluded more to the point) will be that it will not load as many background devices as in the past, which should mean boot times will increase.

In keeping with the tech industries attempt to garner a more ‘green’ image, Microsoft has also loaded a new feature that will dim your screen if it notice inactivity after a certain amount of time. This will use less power, as well as make your battery last longer.

Customers who purchase a new Windows Home Premium, Business or Ultimate PC from from Friday 26th June will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 for little or no cost when it launches on 22 October this year. This means that consumers can purchase and use a new Windows PC now, while being assured they are investing in the latest technology.
The Windows 7 Upgrade Option will run until 31 January 2010, and people can redeem the offer until the end of February 2010.

Consumers can check if the Windows PC they are purchasing is part of the Windows 7 Upgrade Option by:

  • Checking in-store stickers on the PC they are looking to purchase
  • Visiting the Microsoft website offer
  • Asking in-store if the PC they’re buying is eligible for the Windows 7 Upgrade


Upgrade Pricing
Home Premium $199
Professional $399
Ultimate $429

Full Pricing
Home Premium $299
Professional $449
Ultimate $469