Presto launches new apps with support for HD and AirPlay

Foxtel owned streaming service Presto today launched a suite of new mobile apps adding support for high definition streaming, AirPlay beaming, and 5.1 surround sound.

The app update brings over 2,500 hours of high definition content to Presto's subscribers. Ultimately, the service plans to make every title it has the rights to available in high definition; the only exceptions will be content that was never shot at a high enough resolution. Titles such as 30 Rock, Deadwood, Mad Men and first-run exclusive Mr. Robot are all available in high definition now.

Presto says high definition streaming requires an internet speed of at least 5Mbps. This would use approximately 2GB of data over the course of an hour. High definition enabled titles are designated by a small "HD" icon to the right of their name,

AirPlay support will allow iPhone and iPad users to beam content from Presto' iOS app to an Apple TV. Until today, a Chromecast was the only way for Presto subscribers to beam content from their smartphones to their television.

Presto's redesigned apps are available now for iOS and Android.

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