Power Board Set to Downsize Electricity Bills

  • Built-in LCD read out
  • Track usage
  • Manage your own power usage

Laser Corp’s Smart Power Meter Board and Smart Power Meter Socket are both designed to keep a lid on skyrocketing power bills.

With electricity prices already on the rise and the imminent carbon tax, Australian consumers can expect to pay through the roof for energy, claims Laser Corp. Household appliances on average can make up 30 per cent of electricity consumption and standby power in a typical home can account for more than 10 per cent on top of household appliance consumption – this cost to Australian consumers comes to more than $950 million per annum.

The Smart Power Meter Board helps consumers save money and reduce carbon output by managing electricity usage. Featuring a built-in LCD read out, users can track how much power/CO2 appliances are consuming and money they are costing. The meter board comes preset with an average rate or key in the dollar/kilowatt hour (kWh) rate from a recent electricity bill to conveniently see power consumption and cost. In addition, the meter board has a Smart Power function for further energy efficiency. When the primary appliance plugged into the “Smart” outlet is switched off, other devices plugged into the “Green” outlet simultaneously switch off as well, eliminating standby power wastage.

The Smart Power Meter Socket also monitors appliance use and spend in a single socket which doubles as a surge protector. Surge protection is rated at 2,500 amps and 140 joules, plus the meter socket supports a total load of 10 amps or 2,400 watts. Furthermore, the meter socket has a battery back up to save and store collected data and can be connected to a power board.

Meter Board $129.95
Meter Socket $29.95