Portable WiFi router

  • Built-in antenna
  • Up to 20 metres working distance
  • Connects up to 8 devices simultaneously

Laser Corporation has released the shAIR hub, which is designed to perform a variety of tasks and act as a nerve centre that connects iOS, Android or PC/Mac devices in the home, at work, or even when traveling.

The shAIR hub can also act as a mini media server, essentially working as a file server allowing users to view and share multimedia, including photos, music and videos from SD cards, USB flash drives and even portable hard drives.

For those who can never have enough storage, the shAIR hub can provide up to two Terabytes of extra storage and will also function as a portable router, effectively creating a WiFi hotspot.

During travels, users can get online on the spot in a hotel room by connecting the Laser WiFi shAIR hub via the built-in Ethernet port and setting up a hotspot.

While on the road, the hub can become a backup battery for devices, providing up to three hours extra operation time before the need to recharge.

Compatible with a myriad of devices including iOS, Android, Windows and MacOSX, the Laser WiFi shAIR hub can be purchased online at www.laserco.net or through selected retailers.

RRP: $169

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