Pocket-Sized Bluetooth Music Player

  • Can be used wirelessly
  • Battery life of 20 hours
  • Doubles as a speakerphone

The foxL v2 Platinum is a pocket-sized audiophile music system that turns the palm of your hand into a personal concert hall, claims the manufacturer. It distributes eight octaves of music and can be plugged into the wall or be used by a battery. It can be used either as a hard-wired unit or wireless, and works with any smartphone, laptop, iPad, iPod or mobile gaming system.

Listen wirelessly from any Bluetooth A2DP device; with aptX-equipped devices (or optional adapter) and your signal will be reproduced with virtual CD quality. And being Bluetooth, the foxL doubles as a wireless speakerphone.

Features include:

  • High-resolution fidelity, pocket-sized portability with dual patented audiophile Twoofers and patented BassBattery woofer
  • Auto-connect wirelessly or connect to any music source via cable (with Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP compatible music device)
  • Phone conferencing/hands-free speakerphone (answer, end, reject calls from speaker with Bluetooth compatible phone or computer)
  • Up to 20 hours battery life, output wattage doubles when wall-powered
  • Lithium-ion BassBattery re-chargable via USB or wall charger


  • Power: 4W x 2 <0.1%THD, 5V in 2W x 2 <0.1%THD, 3.6V in
  • Output Level: 97dB @ 0.5m, 5V 95dB @ 0.5m, 3.6V
  • Freq. Response: 80Hz–20kHz (DIN 4500)
  • Connections: power in, audio in, sub out
  • AC Adapter: 5V 2A Max 15W
  • Accessories (included): AC charger with int’l adapters, Audioquest 3.5mm audio cable, USB charge cable, pouch, wrist strap, anti-skid acoustic mat
  • $279