PlayStation Home revealed at GDC 07

Sony’s worldwide studios president Phil Harrison has taken the stage at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to unveil PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home is a new online service for the PS3 which will give players a 3D avatar and a hugely customisable virtual space to fill with content as they wish.

The new service, which has been rumoured in the media for some time, is due to launch later on this year and will be a free download for all PS3 owners.

Combining successful elements of other online services including Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Linden Labs’ Second Life, PlayStation Home will allow users to build and customise an avatar, and then build a virtual apartment filled with their own content – ranging from their photographs and movies to special trophies and items unlocked by reaching certain achievements in PS3 games.

Users will be able to visit one another in their virtual spaces, with chat enabled through text, audio, video, and avatar animations – while publishers, developers and others will be able to set up large public spaces which anyone can visit.


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