Pioneer Sound Station Offers Malleable Solution To Music Streaming

  • Stream music or use dock
  • Connectivity to DLNA gear
  • Can be used in conjunction with Air Jam app

With Pioneer’s X-SMC3 Sound Station users can choose between the retractable iPod dock or opt to stream their music.

Equipped with Apple’s AirPlay technology and built-in wifi, the unit will stream your iTunes music library to any room in the house. Position the Sound Station into your favourite living space and it will wirelessly connect and playback your iTunes music library, regardless of whether it’s stored on a PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in the same home.

For multi-room musical enjoyment, users can simultaneously stream their iTunes library from a PC or Mac to multiple X-SMC3 units in the same house. When streaming music, the album cover artwork will appear on the X-SMC3 display screen.

If you don’t own iTunes you can tap into your music stored on your home network (PC) due to a wireless (DLNA) connection or a hard-wired Ethernet connection.

Built-in wifi and Ethernet connectivity enables users to play back music from DLNA compliant home servers or PCs, as well as tune into Internet radio.  There also a USB input, AM/FM radio, an aux-in for portable MP3 players and optional Bluetooth music streaming on offer.

It can be used in conjunction with Pioneer’s new iPhone/Android App, Air Jam, which allows users to share their music tracks directly through the X-SMC3. The App turns an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a song server at the touch of a button. By downloading the free app from the App Store and launching it on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, users can cue songs from their music library for playback on the receiver via Bluetooth with ease and simplicity.

Once Air Jam is launched, each device displays the list of songs and artists added by all connected users and the device from which each song will play. During the session, each user can shuffle, select, and control the playlist. Following the session, users can recall past playlists and purchase songs from the iTunes Store with a simple touch on the screen.

In addition to the X-SMC3, Pioneer has released two alternative Sound Station solutions, including the X-SMC1 and X-SMC5. The X-SMC5 steps up with CD/DVD playback, as well as built-in Bluetooth. DVDs can be viewed on a screen that you connect to the HDMI Out. SD video will upscale to 1080p.

X-SMC1 – $399
X-SMC3 -$599
X-SMC5 – $699 

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