Pioneer Releases iPod/IPhone Docks

Pioneer expands its iPod/iPhone offerings for home audio
Pioneer has released more iPod/iPhone docking systems for the audio market, including the XW-NAV1 for the home theatre.

Pioneer expands its iPod/iPhone offerings for home audio
Pioneer has released more iPod/iPhone docking systems for the audio market, including the XW-NAV1 for the home theatre.

The unit features an iPod/iPhone dock with audio/video support, HDMI 1080p upscaling, CD and DVD playback, as well as a USB input and a FM tuner. Connected to a TV, the XW-NAV1 makes a compact home entertainment system suited for any room.

With an HDMI output for DVD this multimedia hub offers high quality video, along with excellent audio through two full range speakers. Its advanced HDMI upscaling adds a new dimension to DVDs by creating 1080p levels of detail.

In addition, video stored or streamed through the iPod can be watched on TV thanks to a composite video output on the rear of the XW-NAV1.

Certified to work with an iPhone and iPod, the XW-NAV1 will also charge your iPhone/iPod when in the dock. Music and videos will automatically be muted during an incoming call.

A USB port enables easy playback of WMA/MP3 music files, JPEG photos and DivX videos from a USB memory device. With the CD-to-USB ripping functionality it’s easy to record CD tracks directly onto USB without having to use a PC.

Also available is the XW-NAC3,m which is said to be loaded with a host of networking and connectivity features, including Bluetooth audio streaming, Internet radio, DLNA networking and USB, the multifunctional XW-NAC3 is equipped with dual iPod/iPhone docking ports, capable of playing and charging two iPods/iPhones at once.

Developed to end of the argument of whose iTunes music library should be enjoyed in the home, the dual docking station enables user to enjoy two music libraries with friends.

Pioneer’s Shuffle2 function allows tracks from both players to be shuffled and then mixed into a continuous playback.

Those eager to quickly search through the tracks of one or both players have to push the Hi-Lite Scan button to get a 10 second preview of all tracks with fade-in and fade-out effects on either one or both docked iPods/iPhones.

Once a desired song is located, a push of a button plays the song in its entirety.

In addition to starring as a docking solution, music files from an iPod/iPhone, as well as any other Bluetooth enabled device, including the growing suite of smartphone’s, can be streamed wirelessly to the XW-NAC3 thanks to integrated Bluetooth functionality.

Audio quality issues usually associated with Bluetooth are overcome with Sound Retriever AIR, a unique technology developed specifically for Bluetooth.

The XW-NAC3 will also assist with playing video from your iPod/iPhone. A composite video output allows users to connect the XW-NAC3 to a screen and play any video file from your iPod/iPhone(s). Whatever you play, the 6.6 cm full-range speakers with 7.7cm Passive Radiators will provide crisp full-spectrum audio with outstanding bass.

In addition, the XW-NAC3 model offers internet connectivity via a LAN interface and is DLNA certified. When the device is hooked up to a home network with internet access, you will be able to enjoy internet radio or play back music from DLNA compliant home servers or PCs.

Internet radio provides endless audio entertainment with thousands of worldwide stations. The XW-NAC3 allows playback of Internet radio utilising its vTuner feature. With a push of the Internet Radio button on the included remote, users can access virtually any type of music content around the world.

Users can playback music files from any personal computer in the house through DLNA 1.5. The latest version of DLNA takes networking from a simple storage/playback connection to also include controllers. Using an appropriate application on your iPhone for example, allows users to view their stored music and then in turn, control playback and volume on the XW-NAC3.

On top of the unit is a USB port for connecting USB mass storage devices to play MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV or FLAC files stored on it. Adding to the system’s versatility is a clock and timer with wake-up and sleep function.

It is available in white, red and black.

XW-NAC3 $699
XW-NAV1 : $399

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