Pets and gadgets don’t mix

A new survey shows gadgets aren’t the safest things for your pets.

A survey of 3000 pet owners has shown that tech gadgets can be harmful to your pets.

The rapid expansion of technology into our lives has brought with it an understanding of how gadgets should be used.

Unfortunately, pets aren’t quite as careful as humans, and often can end up finding themselves with a trip to the vet.

Carried out by Petplan, it says curiosity killed the cat. Well, not killed, but definitely injured Kitty. The survey doesn’t quantify why, but iPods are the the gadget most likely to injure pets, in a list of strange accidents.

15% of those surveyed cited their iPod in a pet accident, while 10% said laptops, remote controls, plasma TVs and Wiis.

CNET describe one example where a Jack Russell cross was jumping at dogs displayed on the TV screen. So when the inquisitive Pugsley failed to sniff the fellow dogs, decided to have a look at the back of the screen, she naturally got tangled in the PlayStation, which was left plugged into the TV screen.

And then the PlayStation fell onto Pugsley’s head.

Even more amusingly, 5.8% of respondents said cellphones caused injury to their pets (how?) which was the same figure as the amount of pets hurt by – wait for it – a karaoke machine.

So while that might bring a smile to your face, now it’s time for reality come flying home because the survey was sponsored by Petplan – a company that sells insurance policies for pets.

Like the karaoke machine, you’ll have to draw your own conclusion about that.

Source: CNET