PayPal.Me makes it easier for Australians to pay their debts

Lannisters may always pay their debts, but one in four Australians owe friends and family members an average of AUD$700 according to new research conducted by PayPal. The research coincides with the local launch of PayPal.Me, a new service that allows users to request money through personalised links.

Once a user registers for PayPal.Me, they are provided with a unique shareable URL in the form of "PayPal.Me/YourUsernameHere". The indebted then clicks the link, enters the amount of money they want to send, and pays via PayPal. Alternatively, users can append a number to the end of a URL to request a specific amount. "PayPal.Me/YourUsernameHere/50" would act as a request for AUD$50.

PayPal.Me is free to use. 

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