Parrot Zik 2 headphones landing in Australia next week for AUD$499

Parrot today announced that its premium Zik 2 wireless, noise-cancelling headphones will be available in Australia from November 12 for AUD$499. While Parrot is perhaps best known for its consumer drones, it launched its first pair of headphones, Zik, in 2012. Designed in collaboration with renowned French designer, Philipe Starck, Zik 2 refines the original Zik design by reducing the weight by 17% and "doubling the comfort", in the words of Chris Roberts, Parrot's Vice President and Managing Director for the JPAC Region.

Zik 2's standout feature is a completely customisable equaliser. While some headphones are engineer to extenuate bass, and others to highlight treble, Zik 2 has a compatible app that modifies the headphone's sound profile to the user's preference.

"Music is a very personal experience," said Roberts. "You want the audio experience to be different from rock to classical, and the way that I listen to music would be different to the way that you listen to music"

Users are able to pick between several preset sound profiles, design their own, or download presets designed by artists and other Zik users. Roberts explained that these changes aren't just software, but actually reconfigure the Zik 2's hardware. If you modify your sound profile on one tablet, then sound will remain the same if you're using the headphones on another device, even if it doesn't have the Zik app installed.

The Zik 2 app is available on iOS and Android, and a Windows Phone version will be made available in the coming months.

Zik 2 will be available to purchase through Apple's online and retailer stores, Myer and Tech2Go for AUD$499.

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