Panasonic Plasmas Operates Via iPod/iPad App

  • Deeper blacks
  • Tonnes of connectivity
  • 2D to 3D conversion

Panasonic has unveiled two news plasmas with IPTV technologies, and media playback capabilities designed to work within a home entertainment system.

The Full HD 3D Viera UT30 Series models are said to offer deep blacks and fast response times; with key technologies including 1080 line moving picture resolution, 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast, and G14 Full HD Plasma display with Tough Panel. 2D-3D conversion provides even greater viewing versatility.

Designed for the connected home, the new UT30 Series comes with an array of ‘Smart Viera’ functionalities. The UT30 Series also incorporates the IPTV platform Viera Connect, which allows viewers to experience new features including catch-up TV, videos, music and internet radio, interactive games and social networking. Viera Connect functionalities include access to Skype, ABC iView, Yahoo7’s PLUS7, Facebook, and Twitter.

A Viera Remote App allows the UT30 Series to be operated via an iPhone, iPodTouch or iPad. It’s key remote control features by sliding or tapping and the smartphone keyboard can be used for quick text input.

Other connectivity options include HDMI connectivity and DLNA networking, which lets the user play back content on their Viera TV that is stored on other DLNA-enabled server devices within the home network.  These could include Panasonic Blu-ray Disc recorders, DVD recorders with HD recorders, PCs and network attached storage devices.  

In addition, by inserting a USB HDD or SD Card directly into the slot on the VIERA TV, consumers can record content from their TV. Users can also pause live TV. The USB port allows for recording from the Viera TV to an external hard disk drive, and up to eight external drives can be registered for each TV. The Electronic Program Guide allows users to set a timer and record their favourite shows up to seven days ahead.

These televisions also allow USB and SD Card playback of stored images and video. Users insert an SD Card or USB into the Viera TV’s slot to share memories with family and friends.  Play back your AVCHD home movies or watch a slide show on your TV. The SD Card and USB slot on all models supports DivX HD, MKV, AVCHD, Motion JPEG, MP4, WMV, JPEG, MP3, AAC and WMA file formats.

Viera Link allows a consumer to operate all Viera Link compatible A/V components using only the TV’s remote control and helpful on-screen menus.

UT30 TH-P50UT30A 1,299
UT30 TH-P42UT30A $1,099