Panasonic Doubles Distance With Cordless Phones

  • Three hours talk time on battery
  • Twice the length
  • Adjustable bass and treble                          

Panasonic latest foray into the cordless phone market allows for calls to be made during a blackout by placing a handset on the base to provide power and using an additional handset to make and receive calls.

The 803 Series, which is available in the KX-TG8032ALB twin pack and the KX-TG8033ALB triple pack, features the new Location Free Range Extending Repeater to extend the phone’s operating range. When installed in the home, the Repeater Station will retransmit the signal to extend the range up to double the distance.

The 803 Series features high-resolution 1.45-inch full colour TFT LCD with high contrast and a wide viewing angle for easy viewing. This range also has a sleek and stylish design with a piano black finish.

The Power Failure Talk System makes it possible to make phone calls during a power blackout by using battery power, with up to three hours talk time for both the KX-TG8032ALB and KX-TG8033ALB handsets. The user simply places the handset on the base to provide power and will then be able to make or receive calls from an additional handset. 

Other features include Panasonic’s Equaliser Optimisation technology that allows users to adjust the bass and treble via the menu to the pitch that is most comfortable for them when receiving calls. Long Range Clear Sound error correction technology ensures smooth, clearer conversations with fewer interruptions, claims Panasonic. The 803 Series also features a digital answering machine.

The 803 Series also hasenergy efficiency, with a one-touch Eco Mode to control signal output and power consumption.

Features are:

  • 1.45-inch full colour TFT LCD
  • Answering machine with message counter:18 minutes
  • Handsfree speaker phone on handset
  • Handset locator
  • Expandable up to six handsets
  • Night Mode (disables ringtone during the night)
  • Call waiting Caller ID/Incoming Call Barring
  • 200 name and number phonebook
  • Phonebook copy (Handset to Handset)
  • Polyphonic ringer on handset: 30 melodies/10 tones
  • 10-redial memory (name and number)
  • Conference call with outside line (up to between 2 handsets)
  • Call share (barge in)
  • Intercom (Handset to Handset)
  • Gap compatible
  • Any key answer
  • Clock and alarm
  • Multiple language display
  • Ringer LED on handset
  • Beltclip(s) included
  • Headset Jack (Headset not included)
  • Wall mountable base and charger unit

KX-TG8032ALB twin pack $179.95
KX-TG8033ALB triple pack $229.95