Oz Ready For Digital Television

A new survey by Dick Smith Electronics show that 60 percent of Aussies are ready for the digital television revolution

Although there has been detractors of the new digital TV service, Freeview (Why is it necessary? Where is the content coming from? How will it generate enough revenue?), a survey of 4000 people conducted by Dick Smith Electronics shows 60 percent of those spoken to currently own a digital set-top box or television.

And of those that didn’t have any means of getting the digital signal, 82 percent said they planned to purchase a set-top box or compatible HD digital TV in the near future.

Approximately 80 per cent of survey respondents were aware of plans to expand the HD Digital TV offering, while 38 per cent knew that digital radio was also about to be launched here, starting this month (although the survey was carried out before radio’s $1 million ad campaign).

Interestingly there would be a slight, but significant impact on subscription television, with 5 percent of respondants saying they would definitely cancel their service.

“Consumers are clearly seeing the expansion of the HD Digital Television offering as an opportunity,” said Rodney Balech, Visual Buyer for Dick Smith. “Awareness is high and the majority of consumers are already set to receive the additional content. Shoppers will need information about all digital formats so that they can ask the right questions when they’re looking at upgrading their home entertainment systems.”

Dick Smith says it has seen an increase in sales of set-top boxes since the commencement of the government’s digital TV advertising campaign and the launch of ONE, Ten’s dedicated HD sports channel.