New Targus Rechargers For People On The Move

Some of the Targus portable power rechargers are capable of powering up three devices at once

Whether you are motoring down the highway with the family or jetting somewhere fast, there is a solution to keeping your communication devices recharged and working, claims portable recharger manufacturer Targus.

The company says it has products that help keep the kids entertained with a portable DVD player to recharging your mobile phone or powering the laptop.

Targus’ 100W Auto Power Inverter Cupholder Style provides travellers with a power source for most electrical devices in cars, boats or airplanes. It plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and can charge up to three devices at one time – including laptops, mobile phones, PDAs, video consoles and many others. Targus also offers a 150W Auto/Air Power Inverter Slimline Style for charging in cars and on flights.

For travellers looking to power their laptops on the go, the Universal Wall/Auto/Air Power Adaptor features a DC power cord for charging in cars and airplanes, along with a standard AC power cord for wall outlets. With ten interchangeable tips, the adaptor is claimed to offer compatibility with more than 90 percent of laptops on the market. The unit automatically adjusts to meet the specific power requirements of laptops.

If you are spending the holidays at home, or seeking to power up when you arrive at your destination, Targus has a range of power adaptors for wall sockets. You can leave the dusty power cords at the office and travel light with your laptop, knowing that your second power supply awaits you at home. The range includes the Targus 75W AC Notebook Power Adaptor and the 90W AC Notebook Power Adaptor.


Auto Power Inverter Cupholder Style $109.95

Auto/Air Power Inverter Slimline Style $144.95

Universal Wall/Auto/Air Power Adaptor $219.95

Universal Wall Adaptor $174.95

AC Notebook Power Adaptor $99.95

AC Notebook Power Adaptor $109.95