Outlook.com gets an upgrade focused on collaboration

Microsoft today announced an update to Outlook.com, its web-based email service, introducing new features based around inbox management and collaboration.

A key new addition is "Clutter", where Outlook.com will automatically sort emails that users are likely to ignore into a separate folder. Clutter can be trained to improve its accuracy, or disabled entirely. Search will also receive an upgrade in the new Outlook.com, providing users with additional filtering options.

In terms of collaboration, the new Outlook.com will feature tighter Skype integration, allowing users to shift conversations between Skype and email; one click attachment sharing via OneDrive; and the ability to view a Word, PowerPoint or Excel document side-by-side with email it was attached to.

Outlook.com will also receive a redesign to bring its appearance in-line more in with the Windows 10 version of the Outlook desktop application. As part of this, Microsoft will add in 13 new themes for personalising the web app with.

Microsoft is currently rolling out a preview of the new Outlook.com to a small number of users. Additional users will be able to opt-in to the preview in the coming weeks.

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