Origin Access launches in Australia, kind of like Netflix for video games

EA has expanded its PC-centric video game subscription service – Origin Access – to Australia, offering customers an "all you can play" library of games for AUD$6.99 per month.

Unlike video subscription services such as Netflix and Stan, Origin Access predominantly features titles published by EA. At present, 15 titles are available to Australian subscribers. These include Battlefield 4, the Dragon Age trilogy, the Dead Space trilogy, and FIFA 15. Battlefield: Hardline is the newest title available through the service, first released in March last year. Approximately 3% of Origin's complete library is currently available through Origin Access.

Origin Access is only available on Windows devices.

Subscribing to Origin Access also gives players 10% off any purchase made via the Origin storefront, and early access to new EA games before they're released. Customers are able to subscribe to Origin Access on a month-by-month basis.

Origin Access is modelled on EA Access, a similar subscription service available exclusively for Xbox One. Xbox One owners are billed the same AUD$6.99 per month, but also have the option to buy a yearly subscription for AUD$40.

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