Optus Seeks Partners To Streamline Online Payments

  • Direct carrier billing
  • Boku and Blackberry onboard
  • More partnerships on the horizon

Optus has partnered with Boku and Blackberry to be able to offer direct carrier billing, which means Optus customers can purchase credits, games, apps and more on selected platforms, with charges appearing directly on their Optus monthly bills.

Optus says this new method of payment means customers do not have to register bank accounts or credit cards, resulting in a straightforward billing experience on both mobile devices and the web.

These billing options are available through platforms such as Facebook, BlackBerry Ap World, with more to be announced in the future.

Boku, an established global payments provider, allows Optus customers to purchase Facebook Credits for games, gifts and vouchers and be billed to their monthly Optus bills. This allows customers to pay via their mobile number and confirm the purchase via text message on their mobile device. It is claimed to be more secure than using credit and debits cards so customers can enjoy rich digital experiences with confidence.

In a similar initiative, Optus has partnered with BlackBerry so customers can choose to purchase apps and games from BlackBerry App World and have the charges appear on their Optus mobile bill. Users can also purchase additional features within games and apps while having the charges appear later to help ensure their experiences are not interrupted.

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