Optus Releases New iPhone Plan

Not one to push the barrow of any one Telco, but the new Optus iPhone plan certainly raised the eyebrows

In a day where we have questioned Telco pricing with regard to texting, Optus seemed to have read our mind with the release its pricing for the new iPhone.

Under the Optus plan users can get the iPhone for $99 a month on a 24 month plan, which includes the tethered modem, 1.5GB of download, and unlimited calls and texts. Sounds like a reasonable deal, and one that Telstra will no doubt try and beat.

This is good news for the consumer when you look at how much the iPhone cost when it first came out, and as already mentioned, if Telstra meet or beat the deal when they get the unit, that has to music to not only consumers ears, but Apple’s as well. It will also be interesting to see what other smartphone vendors offer up in the near future.