Optus Release Tethering Pricing

Optus has released the costs of Internet tethering for the new Apple iPhone

One of the interesting options with the new iPhone is that you can have it tethered to the Internet via a laptop or PC using Bluetooth or USB connection. The big question is, how much will the carriers charge for the data.

Optus has come out with its pricing, and it is as expected. Not super cheap, but not outrageously expensive either.

For consumers, the starter pack is $4.99 for 25MB, while a 6GB pack will cost you $44.99, and there are few plans inbetween depending on your data requirements. Excess usage is $0.35 cents per MB on all plans.

For business people the starting plan is $9.99 for 200MB a month and goes up to $44.99 for 6MB, with all plans having an excess usage charge of $.015 cents per MB.
Both consumer and business plans come with a monthly access fee of $9.99.

These deals are not available for pre-pad customers.
These plan come into effect as of June 22, 2009