Optus lets customers pool data, offers AUD$150 credit on new iPhones and iPads

Optus today announced Data Pool, a new offer that allows subscribers to share their cumulative data inclusions across eligible smartphones and mobile broadband devices.

While Optus has previously allowed data-only devices such as tablets and dongles to share data from a linked mobile plan, Data Pool now allows multiple smartphones to draw on data from one central reserve.

"We want customers to get the most out of their mobile and tablet plans," said Optus Vice President of Mobile Marketing Ben White. "Sharing from one data pool means you only have one bill and keeping track of data usage is so much simpler. Now, if mum doesn’t use all the data from her mobile phone plan, she doesn’t need to hand over her phone when the kids have already finished the data in their tablet, it’s already in the pool ready to share on their own devices."

Optus' My Plan Plus, My Plan Plus SIM only and My Mobile Broadband Plus plans are all eligible for Data Pooling. To share data, the plans must be on the same bill. There is no limit to how many plans can be connected to a Data Pool.

In addition, Optus has upped its AUD$60 My Mobile Broadband Plus' data inclusion to 12GB, and introduced a new AUD$10 My Mobile Broadband Plus plan with a 1.5GB monthly data allowance.

To promote Data Pooling, Optus is offering an AUD$150 credit to customers already on 12 or 24 month plans who wish to add a new iPhone or iPad (on a 24 month plan) to their existing account. Customers can receive up to five AUD$150 credits per billing account. The offer ends on October 5.

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